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This phone have served me since Tuesday. It’s a tiger-mobile utility for our partners. Since i am friends with the custodian, he let me borrow this while i look for my Blackberry’s battery replacement which is hard to find. My first time to charge every other day. Quite a phone. While i enjoy it, i really want my Blackberry back!

So miss my Blackberry…

"What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family." - Mother Teresa

Today marks a significant memory to me and my siblings. I came home after 6 weeks of not coming home to realize that i am their child and entitled of my own duty which is to exercise humility amidst our arguments.

Before, i travel to Iloilo always with a heavy heart, now i can goof around with my brothers again especially my older brother and will look forward to seeing them again every week. Although there are still things i cannot control, i am relieved that we took control of most important things and that’s not to let our family fall apart by sitting down and talk it out within ourselves.

Our house may look gloomy in the dark but it sure is beautiful during sunset. It has promise. :-)

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