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I had diarrhea yesterday all i had was water lots and lots of water! Mamang was asking me to go to hospital (she’s worried that i would be dehydrated again) and me was worried that i would be detained in the hospital again so eventhough i feel weak, i would say i was going to be well. I slept in the afternoon and when i am awake i would be in our CR, very terrible i feel scared too! I don’t want to be in a hospital on Easter. By dusk i was feeling alright i wanted a french fries so i peeled our patatas and cooked it with JM.

It was this morning that i was confident i could have my coffee na and a huge breakfast. I ask JM to fry me a sunny side up and fried rice too since wala sang may nag tig-ang.

Sometimes i love being sick because everyone was so sweet i could die! Chos!

Thank God i’m well. I don’t know how i even had that devlin diarrhea anyway!

Happy Easter!

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