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It’s true! Stalking does not favor me. I opened the FB page of Gedi and i realized i am way out of his league. Totally! Like who could handle lots of friends? Or acquaintances? I’d better start the list i’ve been thinking to make about what i dislike about him. He sure fits my Top 10 but i should be logical to consider non-romantic thing right?

First of all, he already implied he doesn’t want to settle down or get married, maybe he just want to play around (i’m judgmental by nature so don’t judge me that i’m judgmental *slash* whatever). He makes me wait, totally hate it. He makes me pay more. Yuck! He gives more advice than he would really take it. He echoses. What else—- i don’t know him that much. He pretty much thought i’m a drink till we drunk gal siguro.

I can’t even finish the list that i dislike about him because i don’t really know him that much.

But still likes him. Waaaaah i’m so gaga.

This is hopeless.

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